Fat kit, big amps, nasty pedals.
Damn Heavy.

Ever since the now notorious night when Robert Johnson left the Dockery Plantation in Mississippi to make his famous midnight crossroads rendezvous with the devil, the blues has formed the heart and soul of popular music – somewhat ironic, really, given that Johnson supposedly sold his soul in exchange for his unearthly talent. I couldn’t tell you if The Damn Heavy have entered into a similar arrangement with Beelzebub or not, but what I do know is that the devil-blues groove is strong with these guys. Every single song on here has a filthy great big blues flow and the amplifiers turned up to eleven, channelling the strut of Hard Again-era Muddy Waters with the contemporary howling of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. From the opening stomp of Big Bad City to the last, echoing note of Strange Town, this is… well, pretty damn heavy. Pretty damn good, too.

– Left Lion

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The second Podcast from the “If Beer were Music” club, a collection of new and not so new songs that need to be heard.

Playing The Harder side Of Blues ~ The Best New Gritty Blues & Southern Rock with an edge from newer artists around the world. Raw and Dirty! Thanks to Cowboy’s Juke Joint for playing our records.

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